The story so far....

How we began

The start of My Little Wonderful was pretty simple really, I just wanted helpful products for an uncomplicated family life. When I couldn't find them or they weren’t exactly what I was looking for I started designing my own. 

Jennifer Lawlor - My Little Wonderful

A missing bear

Our very first product came about because of a precious lost bear. I called them Wonder Labels because to me that's what they were, a set of clever, durable stick-on labels for the things children lose. 

When Alex our youngest's favourite teddy Toby went missing we pulled out all the stops, scouring the neighbourhood and sending whatsapps asking people to look out for him, but after frantic searching we finally gave up hope of ever seeing him again. 

Who we are

After I announced my idea for Wonder Labels (stick-on washable name labels for ALL the things children lose) to my husband and his brother it truly became a team effort. They came on-board and brought a fundamental part to the process; David with his design skills and creative force, and Aidan keeping us all in check and bringing our message wonderfully to the masses. 

David and Aidan’s skills in our business are also their passions; and with me, I love every detail, especially dreaming up the next big idea!

Around the table

Like so many businesses My Little Wonderful started its journey at the kitchen table. The inspiration for our products comes from everyday family life so like our missing bear Toby, our products have a story to tell. 

Yet just as important to me, along with creating clever, quality products that stand the test of time, is our process.

What we believe

We believe in creating a place for parents, to help them on their journey to organising day-to-day life with little ones. 

Whether you thrive in mess or order, I know as a busy mum that structure and rhythms make family life run much more smoothly. I'm not talking about one big rethink and deployment of household organisation! But small improvements daily which in turn accumulate into remarkable results.

So here at My Little Wonderful, parents can find tips and inspiration, and start their own journey discovering the wonderful in everyday family life. 

Always believe something wonderful will happen

Miraculously, our lost teddy Toby was finally discovered months later, hidden in a table, over a hundred miles away from home in my parent's house in the countryside - no doubt the result of one of their imaginative games.

A very happy ending and the start of something wonderful...