The story so far...

I’ve yet to meet a parent who didn’t go into a bit of a spin after their baby arrived. Everything changes. Your free time disappears, your energy levels take a nosedive, and your head becomes filled with advice from your nearest and dearest to strangers you meet on the street.

I’ve always been organised, or at least try to be.

Keeping everything tidy and in-check makes everyday life feel easier. It gives you a sense of well being. You feel calmer, you feel happier.

Then my first baby Ross arrived…

Becoming a mum was the by far the most incredible, intense, wonderful thing that had ever happened to me but at the exact same time, I found life as a mum challenging. 

Being organised as I knew it, had to be reorganised!

So I went on a mission to make my new life as simple and enjoyable as possible. I started going easier on myself. When you go easy on yourself life becomes easy. And when I resisted the temptation to overcomplicate things, I began to feel lighter and happier.

‘Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated’ – Confucius

I wanted to slow down and enjoy this precious time while at the same time become more efficient. I wanted to increase my energy, feel happier, be more organised, be a better wife and mum, and ultimately enjoy the journey.

I started to jot down notes to help me, logging my thoughts on post-it's on my kitchen dresser – true parenting when you fit in what you can when you can.

What became clear very early on was that simplifying and getting organised was paramount to me flourishing as a new mum instead of troubleshooting to survive.

Either you run the day or the day runs you

When I followed simple steps I set for myself, my instincts and intuition became sharper. I became a better problem solver, there was more order and better empathy in my home. I became calmer and happier, and I was more in line with the Mum I always envisioned I was going to be.

I realised I was creating a blueprint to guide me and also a series of reminders to never forget the most important things in life.

Fast forward 10 years and 2 more baby boys (Callum and Alex), and these scribbled thoughts and ideas are turning into beautiful useful products for today's busy family. My husband and brother-in-law have joined me on this journey to bring this vision of being wonderfully organised to life.

The Joy is in the Journey

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